Maricic: European future for young people to stay at home

Bojan Maricic, MP candidate from SDSM/Photo: Facebook

"We will not give up a higher standard of living, a standard for all." In 2016, when we were writing the program for life in Macedonia, then with Professor Dragan Tevdovski, we were doing an analysis in the municipal shed in Karposh and we were surprised, he had doubts whether it might not be too bold that we will make the salary 500 euros by 2020. It sounded too unattainable. Today, in 2024, the average salary is already 700 euros. We promise because we have fulfilled it that by 2028 the average salary will be 1100 euros, and the minimum salary will be 600 euros. Because our citizens deserve it, it is worth fighting for the standard of our citizens for the life of our citizens, because we alone cannot live with salaries lower than the entire region", said the secretary for international cooperation and candidate for MP from IE1 Bojan Maricic, before the gathering of citizens in Vlae.

He asked for the support of the citizens in order to continue that path. Pointing out that the crises are behind us. And that what follows if we continue on the right path is more money, more projects, a better standard of living and happiness for the citizens.

Maricic said that we do not need ancient shields and phalanxes, we no longer need the lies of VMRO - DPMNE. We need a European future, we need a European path and we will achieve it.

"No citizen, no category will be forgotten. We will increase the youth guarantee, the guarantee for young people from 3.000 to 5.000 denars per month, and we also want to give a hand to those young people up to 26 years old who are employed for the first time, they will receive 200 euros per month in the first year of their employment. We want to see the young people stay at home to live here, to build a family here and to use their knowledge and experience here at home in Macedonia," said Maricic.

When asked by the citizens about the certainty of victory in these elections, Maricic said that it stems from the firm conviction of what was seen during the campaign. That SDSM reached every citizen.

"So far and in the rest of the campaign - that the heart of Macedonia is red, social democratic, and the soul of Macedonia is progressive, blue and yellow - European. With that social democratic heart and European soul, we can only expect to move forward, only to win and never give up on our European future!", said Maricic.

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