Maricic: The blockade of constitutional amendments and our European integration has a name and a surname - it is VMRO-DPMNE

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The screening required a serious effort from both the administration and the Government and all our people engaged in this process. It took 15 months, almost a hundred working days spent by our teams together with their colleagues from the European Commission here in Brussels, 850 presentations passed and presented by us and by our people and administrators at these screenings. By the way, almost 1000 people came and went through these screenings and took part in these screening sessions and meetings, says the Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Maricic in an interview with MIA.

He added that this is a serious, massive, but very important process that lays the foundations for the further course of negotiations, a process that gives us a clear picture of where we are in harmonizing not only legislation with the EU, but also in institutional practices.

- What we can say is that from this screening process, we already have concrete results and fruits. As a matter of fact, the European Commission in its report assessed this screening process as very successful, in which great commitment, great capacity, serious capacity and good results were demonstrated - said Maricic.

The Vice Prime Minister added that the screening should be a model for how we should proceed in the negotiations and an answer to the question of whether we have the capacity for negotiations, which has been asked many times.

- Yes, we have the screening process and it showed that. That's why I regret that at the very beginning of last year in July when that process started, it was often contested by many, that it is an unimportant process, that it is only a technical process, that it does not mean the opening of negotiations... Today we see and we are sure that it is actually it means that we are finishing an initial introductory phase of the negotiations and that gives us the right to say the results and the outcome of that process and to say what we expect going forward, says Maricic.

He is sure that in the elections we will have the same dilemma and it will be one of the points on which the parties will differ seriously and will face the choice of two blocs, one bloc - the European Front, which will work intensively on the membership of North Macedonia in the European Union until 2030 and the other block that will offer renegotiations, repeated quarrels, isolation with neighbors and from all flows into the tunnel we were in for 11 years. He added that the responsibility for the blocking of his own state will remain and lies with the deputies from VMRO-DPMNE and with the party, but he still expressed hope that there will be reasonable thinking and constitutional amendments will be made, because success will be shared and then the state will be able to move forward.

- We need to openly discuss where our problems are and where the blockage lies. Today, despite the fact that I have to acknowledge the constructiveness of the roadmaps and the participation of the opposition in the discussion on the roadmaps scheduled for Monday, this cannot compensate for the fact that the current blockage of constitutional amendments and the blockage of our European integrations has a name and last name. It is VMRO-DPMNE - said Maricic.

The Vice Prime Minister added that VMRO-DPMNE will not be able to free themselves from that responsibility, no matter how much they want to, because for a year and a half, in different ways, representatives of the Government, together with the European and world leaders who came to Skopje, have been sending them a message to continue the European path .

- We are convinced as a Government and I am sure that the majority of citizens are also convinced that this is not such a concession, such a concession, which will disturb anything in our country. On the contrary, I think it will only strengthen the concept of a successful multi-ethnic democracy and open the doors to continue the negotiations - said Maricic.

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