Mališić: Bread prices had to increase, we have new gas and electricity prices

The corrections in the price of bread that have been carried out in recent days are the result of the new increase in the price of electricity and gas in August compared to July, Goran Mališić, president of the Group of the Milling and Bakery Industry, explains to "Sloboden Pečat".

– The price of gas in August is 100 percent higher than in July. The price of electricity reached up to 500 euros per megawatt-hour. Everyone talks about the increase in the price of bread, but they don't say how much costs the companies are facing, and they, in turn, increased the prices of bread by only 10 percent. The government must take measures to protect companies from gas and electricity price shocks. With these prices, if the producers do not increase the prices of their products, they should put a lock on the door - says Mališić.

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