Maleski: The cup trophy is a motive for more successes - well done for "Lozarite", well done for all of Kavadarci

Hristian Maleski, the football player of FC Tikvesh with the trophy in the Cup of Macedonia/photo:

Tikvesh football club is the conqueror of The Cup of Macedonia, after celebrating at the "Todor Proeski" National Arena in Skopje a 2:1 victory over Voska Sport in the 31st final of the most massive competition.

The team led by coach Gjorgi Mojsov was the better opponent throughout the match and deservedly rejoiced at the first trophy won, which rounded off the excellent season.

With this triumph, the team from Kavadarci also secured participation in the Conference League qualifiers.

Hristijan Maleski, the player of FC Tikvesh says that this trophy only gives a motive for further successes and thanked the fans of the club, the faithful "Lozars" for providing the necessary support:

- I think it was a great match with a lot of excitement on both sides and with a great atmosphere from all the fans. We were welcomed in Kavadarci in a very large number and I think that shows how much this cup means to everyone. The fact that it is the first trophy, I think, only gives a motive for more success in the future. And finally, I have to say a huge congratulations to "Lozarite", that's how you love a club, congratulations to all of Kavadarci - Maleski told us.


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