Macron does not rule out the possibility of deploying French ground troops in Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday that he does not rule out the possibility of deploying French ground troops in Ukraine, DPA reported.

After the end of a conference on aid to Ukraine yesterday in Paris, Macron said that he is not ruling anything out to ensure that Russia does not win the war against Ukraine.

The meeting, which was arranged at short notice, was attended by senior officials from many of Kiev's key European supporters, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and British Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

- There was no consensus on the use of ground troops at the meeting of over 20 heads of state and prime ministers, but nothing can be ruled out in terms of future dynamics, Macron said. Each country can independently and sovereignly decide on the deployment of ground troops, the German agency reported.

The French president indicated that at the meeting it was decided to form a coalition to supply Ukraine with missiles for attacks far behind Russian lines. In the short term, additional ammunition for Ukraine should be mobilized from its own reserves.

- The delivery of French Mirage fighter jets has not yet been decided, but French military equipment that could help Ukraine is still being examined. The common knowledge today is that the security of all of us is at stake, Macron said.

He added that Moscow's behavior is becoming more aggressive at the political level and on the front line in Ukraine.

- Russia must not win the war, Macron stressed, saying that support cannot be shaken and that supporters of Ukraine must intensify their efforts.

According to him, the increased aid to Ukraine with money and weapons must be mobilized both jointly and at the national level.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky joined the meeting in Paris via video link.

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