Macron: The Serbia-Kosovo agreement should be fully implemented immediately

Emanuel Macron / June 14, 2022 / Photo: EPA-EFE / GONZALO FUENTES

The French president Emmanuel Macron today stated that the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo is "important progress" and that it is now essential that both sides show responsibility and "immediately and in good faith begin to implement all the obligations" stated in it.

At the end of a session of EU leaders, in which EU High Representative Josep Borrell briefed them on the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on the normalization of relations, Macron welcomed the agreement and called for its swift implementation.

The French president noted that "it is well known how much France and Germany have worked together on this and that they will continue to do so in the future."

The spokesperson of the European Union Peter Stano he also stated that Kosovo and Serbia could jeopardize their international reputation if they do not start implementing the Ohrid Agreement as soon as possible.

Stano emphasized that the credibility of the parties will be threatened by not implementing what was agreed, because in order to be seen as a reliable partner of the EU, they must implement what they promised.

EU: Kosovo and Serbia could threaten their international reputation if they do not start implementing the Ohrid Agreement soon

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