Makpetrol Info Point: How to maintain proper posture while driving

Whether driving is your profession or you drive only when you have an urgent job, proper posture while driving is very important for your health, but also for road safety. Proper posture while driving increases reflexes and guarantees optimal functioning of the car's safety systems.

The correct body position when driving is when you are sitting upright and the height of your eyes is 8 cm above the highest point of the steering wheel. The upright posture makes the driver more focused on the road and provides a wide viewing angle without the need to hold the head in an awkward position. At the same time, the vehicle instruments are designed to be most easily visible when sitting in an upright position.

The back should be leaning on the seat and the body should be held at an angle of 100 to 110 degrees. Sitting at a 90-degree angle will quickly tire you out, while an oversized seat will cause neck pain.

For the correct driving position, the knees should be at the same height as the hips or slightly higher. An angle of about 20 to 30 percent is usually sufficient. The heels should touch the floor without undue effort, while the front of the foot should be at the level of the pedals. Approach the seat so that you can fully depress the pedals without detaching from the seat.


Leave a space of at least 30 cm between the steering wheel and the chest, and the arms should be bent at an angle of 120 degrees.

Make sure you have space from at least two fingers between the knees and the front of the seat, because if the inside of the knee touches the seat it can cause a problem with blood circulation.

Adjust the height of the headrestso that it will be exactly in the middle of your occiput. It is very important to support the head and spare the neck muscles from unnecessary strain.

Once you have found your optimal sitting position, then adjust all the mirrors so that you can follow the traffic backwards just by moving your eyes without turning your head too much.

Prolonged sitting in the same position, no matter how comfortable, will cause fatigue. So do not forget to take a break every two hours of driving.

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