Macedonian municipalities are organizing to send aid to the victims in Turkey

Photo: Firat Ozdemir / AFP / Profimedia

"It is with deep regret and anxiety that I received the terrible news about the devastating earthquake that affected the citizens of the Republic of Turkey and Syria. In these extremely difficult and sad moments for them, for the families of the dead and injured, on my own behalf, as well as on behalf of all the municipalities in ZELS and their citizens, I send sincere condolences, the president of ZELS and mayor of the municipality wrote on social networks Mineral water, Orce Georgievski.

- In its history, Macedonia also remembers human losses and huge material damages from natural disasters. He also remembers the help and warmth of the extended hand in the moments when he needed them the most. In such moments, we should all remember that we cannot fight natural disasters with a tragic epilogue, but we can help with humanity and solidarity. Hence, as President of ZELS, I appeal for solidarity to the mayors of all municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia. Now is the moment when everyone, according to their financial capabilities, should show their nobility and prove in action that the humanity and solidarity with which they describe us was and remains our driving force! I myself, as the mayor of Kisela Voda Municipality, have already submitted an initiative to the Council to provide financial assistance of 500.000,00 denars for the affected population from Turkey and Syria. We also made contact with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Macedonia, to which we offered another type of support. From there, we will be further informed about the specific needs, so we will come out with adequate help for the families affected by the devastating earthquake! Georgievski pointed out.

I hope and strongly believe that this step will be followed by all other mayors. We sincerely and from the heart wish for the speedy recovery of the injured, and for these countries to rehabilitate the places affected by the devastating earthquake as soon as possible, he added.

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