Macedonian volleyball players defeated by Belgium in the European Gold League

photo: Volleyball Federation of Macedonia

In his fourth game since European Gold League the Macedonian senior volleyball team lost away to Charlois from Belgium with a score of 3:0 in sets. The Belgians won all three sets narrowly with two differences, in the first they were better with 27:25, in the second with 25:23, and in the third with 26:24.

In the first set, the team of coach Joshko Milenkoski had a five-point advantage twice (7:2, 8:3), later they maintained a positive of "plus three" (11:8, 15:12, 19:16).

Our best volleyball players had several set balls that were not used, and the opponent managed to punish and lead with 1:0 in sets.

The second set brought a lot of uncertainty, it was played point for point, and both teams changed the lead. Belgium had 4:1, so we came back with a minimal positive for 10:9, 12:11, and at one point we reached "plus two" (16:14). At 19:19, Belgium tied two points, a difference which it successfully maintained until the end of the second set.

In the third set, Belgium first gained a positive of "plus four" (13:9), so we somewhat reduced the negative in the next period by 17:15 and 18:16. At the finish, we were able to make a turnaround after leading three times with 20:22, 21:23 and 22:24, but this time we did not last until the end, as the rival tied four points and finally set the final 3:0.

He was the most efficient in our ranks N. Georgiev with 17 points, 11 were A. Ljaftov, nine F. Savovski, and after six V. Milev and F. Majunkov. On the opposite side, 21 points were the work of M. Ten, and J. had one less. Cox.

- We have to work on the concentration, on those final points from the sets, to solve them better, so that they are in our favor - says the Macedonian volleyball representative, Filip Savovski.

The fourth round will be completed on Sunday with the match between Croatia and Ukraine. On the table in Group B, Ukraine leads with nine points, ahead of Belgium with six, Macedonia with five, and Croatia with one.

The next match of our selection will be on June 14 on the away field against Croatia.

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