Macedonian karate players with three new medals at the Balkan Championship in Podgorica


And the second day of The Balkan Karate Championship for seniors which is held in Podgorica, Montenegro, ended successfully.

Macedonian representatives Fahik Veseli, Emil Pavlov и Ljupche Mihailov they won three bronze medals.

In total, for these two days, our national team won a total of five bronze medals.

275 karate fighters with 298 competing entries from 13 countries are performing at the Balkans.

Bronze medals for Kostovska and Jovanovska at the Balkan Karate Championship in Podgorica

Results - Balkan Championship:

-60 kg
Vahik Veseli – Nuri Kilij (Turkey) 2-0
Vahik Veseli – Ognjen Bjelajac (Montenegro) 2-3
Vahik Veseli – Noah Rumenjak (Croatia) 4-0
For bronze
Vahik Veseli – Islam Slemani (Kosovo) 3-2

-67 kg
Emil Pavlov – Erik Kosmrlj (Slovenia) 3-0
Emil Pavlov – Ismail Bolat (Turkey) 5-2
Emil Pavlov – Nenad Dulović (Montenegro) 0-2
For bronze
Emil Pavlov – Gjorge Grubic (Serbia) 3-0

David Petkov – Stefan Joksic (Serbia) 1-2
David Petkov – Mihajlo Grnic (BiH) 2-3

Dimitar Lozanoski – Emre Gungor (Turkey) 1-0
Dimitar Lozanoski – Boran Berak (Croatia) 1-2

-75 kg
Petar Zaborski – Nemanja Mikulić (Montenegro) 2-7
Petar Zaborski – Ivan Martinac (Croatia) 1-1

Mihailov Ljupche – Lorik Doughty (Kosovo) 8-0
Mihailov Ljupce – Stjepan Shtimac (Croatia) 5-1
Mihailov Ljupce – Petar Orlandic (Serbia) 2-0
Semi final
Mihailov Ljupce – Jaka Gaal (Slovenia) 1-4
For bronze
Mihailov Ljupce – Dino Šimunec (Croatia) 2-1

Mursel Misini – Dino Šuminec (Croatia) 0-1

-84 kg
Vitomir Trajkovski – Enes Garibović (Croatia) 0-1

+ 84 kg
Danilo Bozovic – Nemanja Jovovic (Montenegro) 2-5
Vegim Murati – Stefan Joksimovic (Slovenia) 1-4

Tomorrow, the men's kumite team consisting of: Mijahlov, Misini, Pavlov, Murati, Trajkovski, Zaborski and Bozovic will meet the Serbian national team in the first round.

The women's team consisting of Jovanovska, Kostovska, Mitsovska and Mojsovska meet the Slovenian national team in the first round.

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