Macedonian karate fighters are chasing medals at the European Championship for cadets, juniors and senior juniors

photo: Karate Federation of Macedonia

The young Macedonian karate fighters will perform at European Championship for Cadets, Juniors and Senior Juniors (U21) which will be held in Larnaca.

Our competitors will chase medals in the Cypriot city, where it is announced that over 1000 karate fighters from 48 countries will participate.

List of Macedonian Karate fighters in Larnaca: Yusra Ademi, Rudina Aliu, Andrej Angelovski, Martina Arsovska, Andrej Basarov, Matej Belistojanski, Marko Bunteski, Nuredin Dervishi, Sara Duka, Kenza Fetai, Victoria Jovanovska, Bojan Kostov, Era Kodza, Durata Memeti, Jovana Mitsovska, Ljupche Mihailov, Anastasia Mingovska, Mihaela Mishovska, Gresa Mustafai, Teodora Naumovska, Simona Nikolovska, kata team (Imeri, Memeti, Rechi), Teodor Pavlovski, Martina Petresca, Marko Poptodorov, Fisnik Shaqiri, Nedim Shaqiri, Leona Shirkova, Filip Stojanov, Stefan Stojanovic, Andrej Stojchevski , Stefan Stojmirov, Mario Svinarski, Vitomir Trajkovski and Jovan Vrklevski.

The last such competition was organized in Prague in June 2022 when Spain came out on top with 14 medals, six of which were gold.

Macedonia won a bronze medal in the Czech capital, which was won by Ljupche Mihajlov in the junior competition in the category up to 68 kg.

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