Macedonian Olympian Vesna Stojanovska Shelnat is the world champion in swimming, in the Masters category

photo Tomi Stefanovski@facebook

Vesna Stojanovska Shelnat, who performed for Macedonia at the IOC 2000 and IOC 2004, today won the gold at the WC for veterans, in the discipline of 800 freestyle

Swimmer Vesna Stojanovska Shelnat, representative of Macedonia at the Summer Olympic Games in 2000 and 2004, today became the world champion in the 800 meter freestyle in the Masters category (swimmers aged 35 to 39).

At the World Senior Swimming Championships in Doha, Qatar, she swam the course in 9:46,27 minutes to win gold. She swam under the US flag, because she has been living in that country for a long time. Mexican Nellie Vera Vega was second, and German Anne-Christine Neuloch Stein was third.

Stojanovska (39) performed for Macedonia at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games at the age of 15 and was 29th in the 200 freestyle and 31st in the 400 freestyle.

In 2001 at the European Youth Championships she won silver in the 200 butterfly.

At the 2004 IOC in Athens, Stojanovska was 26th in the 200 butterfly, which was her best finish at that IOC.

More than 2.500 athletes aged 25 and over from a record 85 different countries are competing in the Masters World Championships between 23 February and 3 March.

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