Macedonia should pay 13.300 euros in compensation to sex workers for inhumane and degrading treatment

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Macedonia should pay compensation of 13.300 euros to four sex workers because it violated their rights, treated them in a dignified and inhumane manner when it detained them at the Bit Pazar police station and left the women without food, water and toilet access. Moreover, after the sex workers were arrested, they were insulted, and the next day they were forced to take tests for sexually transmitted infections. This judgment refers to the violation of the rights of sex workers arrested in 2008.

The non-governmental organization HOPS says that the Court found a violation of the right to privacy, because the victims' photos were published without concealing their identities. The state is obliged to pay them 13.300 euros for not protecting their rights before the domestic courts and for the injuries and traumas they suffered.

In 2008, the Ministry of Internal Affairs carried out an action "Suppression of Street Prostitution" during which it detained 23 sex workers on the quay of Vardar and did not tell them why it deprived them of their freedom. After being kept in the station all night without food, water and access to a toilet, the next day they were taken to the Infectious Disease Clinic to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, then released. The policemen constantly insulted them, mocked them and humiliated them.



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