Macedonia from the second hat will be waiting for the opponents in the qualifiers for EP 2026

Photo: RFM

On March 21, the draw for the qualifications for the European Championship, which will be organized by Denmark, Sweden and Norway in 2026, will be held in Copenhagen.

Macedonia's opponents in the qualifiers will be waiting for them from the second hat, and that gives us the opportunity for a somewhat easier group, and thus greater chances to participate in another big competition.

32 national teams will fight for their place at the European Championship, the hosts Denmark, Norway and Sweden have already secured a place, as well as the European champion France. The qualifications will be played in eight groups with four national teams each. Placement at the meeting of the best European selections is ensured by the two first-placed representatives from each group.

Together with Macedonia in the second hat are also: Austria, Montenegro, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, Faroe Islands and Greece, this means that these representatives cannot be in our group.

HAT 1: Germany, Spain, Hungary, Iceland, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Netherlands

HAT 2: Macedonia, Austria, Montenegro, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, Faroe Islands, Greece

HAT 3: BiH, Slovakia, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy

HAT 4: Finland, Israel, Estonia, Georgia, Turkey, Luxembourg, Kosovo, Latvia.

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