Macedonia ranks 11th in NATO according to the percentage of GDP allocated to defense

Government of RSM NATO and Macedonia
Government of RSM / Photo: MIA

In the state budget for 2024, Macedonia has earmarked 263 million dollars for defense needs, which represents 2,22 percent of the country's GDP, according to the latest NATO report on the defense costs of the member states.

Total defense spending by NATO members for 2024 is projected at $1.185 billion, an increase of 10,85 percent compared to last year's $1.069 billion.

According to the Report, a total of 23 of NATO's 32 members reached the agreed defense spending level of two percent of national GDP in 2024, which is more than double compared to last year, when only 10 allies achieved this goal.

The country with allocated funds for defense of 2,22 percent is in the 11th place according to the amount of the rate of funds from GDP. The "champion" in this classification is Poland with 4,12 percent of GDP, ahead of Estonia with 3,43, the United States with 3,38 and Latvia with 3,15 percent. The tenth place is followed by Greece with 3,08 percent of GDP, Lithuania with 2,85, Finland with 2,41, Denmark with 2,37, Great Britain with 2,33 and Romania with 2,25 percent.

By country, Norway is in 12th place with defense costs of 2,20 percent of GDP, ahead of Bulgaria with 2,18, Sweden with 2,14, Germany with 2,12, Hungary with 2,11, the Czech Republic with 2,10 ,2,09, Turkey with 2,06, France with 2,05, the Netherlands with 2,03, Albania with 2,02, Montenegro with 23 and Slovakia with two percent, as the last, the XNUMXrd, an allied country that reached the threshold of two percent.

Below the threshold are still Croatia with 1,81 percent, Portugal with 1,55, Italy with 1,49, Canada with 1,37, Belgium with 1,30, Luxembourg and Slovenia with 1,29 each and in the last place is Spain with 1,28 percent of GDP allocated to defense spending.

Of Macedonia's total defense expenditures, the largest percentage or 43,9 percent is intended for salaries of military personnel, followed by 29,3 percent for the purchase of equipment, research and development, 23 percent for operations and maintenance and other expenditures and 3,8, 50 percent for infrastructure. A similar ratio of the distribution of funds is found in most NATO members, with the exception of Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia and Belgium where over 40 percent of the costs are intended for military personnel, Poland, Hungary, Finland and Luxembourg where over 40 percent are for equipment, research and development and Sweden, the United States and Denmark, which earmarked over XNUMX percent of the funds for operations and maintenance.

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