Macedonia will buy 8 and donate 12 helicopters to Ukraine

helicopters Macedonian flag
ARSM helicopters / Photo: MIA

After completing the analysis of the General Staff, the proposal for the donation of 12 M-12 helicopters to Ukraine will be presented to the Macedonian Government at the next session.

The Minister of Defence, Slavjanka Petrovska, stated that the helicopters were produced in 1984, and for the most part already in 2015, they are an expired resource and are not used. Their donation, as the minister said, does not change the combat readiness of the Army.

"All the equipment that has been donated so far, except that it is at the request of the Ukrainians, they need it and it is equipment that the Ukrainian army is skilled in using, it is equipment that according to our plans for modernization is already at the end of its use, there is no to be an integral part of our armament and it is very certain that in a short period of time, we would have to be charged in order to destroy it", Minister Petrovska said in a guest appearance on the show "360 Degrees".

Regarding the plans for the purchase of new helicopters, the minister informed that the detailed evaluation of the five received offers for the purchase of multi-purpose helicopters and the analysis of whether they are in accordance with our requirements and needs is in the final stage. He clarified that it is a multi-year procurement of eight multipurpose helicopters.

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