Vanya's mother: I can't understand why my beautiful girl is in the grave

Vanya's parents / Photo Collage of SP

The mother of Vanja Gjorchevska, who was killed in the atar of the village of Brazda, Zorica, gave a statement for the Serbian "Republika" for the first time after the death of the girl, for which five people are suspected, among whom the first suspect is Ljupco Palevski, who will be extradited to the country from Turkey.

- It is incomprehensible to me why my beautiful girl is in the grave. I have a chronic illness, but I'm holding on. It is important to me only to find out the truth. The other daughter is sick, we all hope she will be fine. I don't know anything, all this is unreal to me. We were divorced for five years and I don't know what he was doing and with whom. We were on good terms because of the children, we didn't argue about custody, upbringing. He could see them whenever he wanted or whenever the children wanted. I was not interested in his life. My life was my children and my work. He was left alone, to leave me alone, he told Republic Vanja Gjorchevska's mother, Zorica.

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