Maja Morachanin re-elected as the president of the House of Representatives

Maja Moracanin
Maja Moracanin / Photo: MIA

The current leader Maja Moracanin was again unanimously elected as the president of The green party DOM on today's fifth congress of the party.

Thanking for the trust, Morachanin emphasized that DOM will continue to be an active and constructive factor in the political approach to solving all social problems and issues in the future.

"The policy of the Green Party DOM should not only be linked to environmental issues and the climate, but also to respect for human rights, social rights, non-discrimination, as well as policies for the development of the green economy," Morachanin pointed out.

As informed by the party, the congress delegates (309) also unanimously elected the new composition of the Central and Supervisory Board of the party, and the Report on the work of the DOM in the period from 2018 to 2022, as well as the Proposal, were adopted. - the program for the work of the Green Party DOM in the period until 2026.

"In front of the delegates and numerous guests from other parties, MPs and representatives from the Government, at the beginning of the Fifth Congress of the DOM, welcoming speeches were presented by representatives of the European Greens from several EU member states, as well as green parties from the countries in the region. They clearly expressed their support for the continuation of North Macedonia on the path to the European Union and their support for the contribution of the Green Party DOM, which it makes in that direction", informed the DOM.

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