The Luna Park in front of SC "Boris Trajkovski" will "drive out" the summer, there is no hero to close it

Amusement park near B. Trajkovski hall / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

The amusement park will work smoothly because it is obvious, although incomprehensible, that the activity of several institutions was reduced only to inspection and control, and then no one felt competent to complete the procedure to the end.

Obviously, no one in this city can close Luna Park, which has been working uninterrupted for ten days in front of SC "Boris Trajkovski". Despite the fact that there is no work permit from any institution, despite the fact that inspectors from the State Market Inspectorate, from the IRS and from the Municipality of Karposh, with the support of the police, went to the field, and despite the fact that a series of irregularities were determined, the carousels and they keep turning.

This time, the authorities reacted quickly, but without result, although initially on the ground it seemed that the dismantling of the props from the amusement park was beginning.

First of all, Mayor Danela Arsovska indicated that the company "Disneyland Requisites" from Chair was installing props on the area and that the City of Skopje, within its competences, carried out supervision, took measures and punished the legal entity, which continued to work despite this. She called on all competent institutions to act as soon as possible, because the safety of children and all other visitors is in question.

Amusement park near B. Trajkovski Hall / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Then the Technical Minister of Internal Affairs, Panče Toškovski, announced that the Unit for Economic and Computer Crime at SVR Skopje, in coordination with officials from the State Department of Internal Affairs, the Internal Revenue Service and a construction inspector from the Municipality of Karposh, went to the field and took specific measures and activities within of its competences and powers. According to him, minutes were prepared for the ascertained situation, while an authorized construction inspector from the Municipality of Karposh initiated a procedure for the ascertained irregularities, after which, as he announced, specific measures should have been taken, i.e. prohibiting the work of the Luna Park and dislocating the props.

The Municipality of Karposh, on the other hand, immediately declared itself incompetent and announced that if someone performs an activity without the necessary consents from competent local or state institutions and without appropriate technical documentation, the State Market Inspectorate will issue a ban on performing the activity.

Three years ago, the DPI closed Luna Park, which was located at the intersection between Boris Trajkovski boulevard and Serbia boulevard in Kisela Voda. As reported at the time, the Luna Park had a properly issued permit, but due to the ban on the operation of amusement parks during the coronavirus pandemic, the park was closed. Until now, despite the stormy reactions in the public, the Inspectorate did not act like that when in previous years, entertainment props were set up at SC "Boris Trajkovski". Now they don't even answer if they will take anything and when after the control they did.

There is no explanation from the Ministry of Interior why, despite the announcement of Minister Toškovski, the Luna Park continues to work without interruption and whether the Ministry of Interior has any authority in this case. It's almost incomprehensible that no one is coming forward with any information about whether they have the power to close the theme park.

Therefore, we publicly ask all the institutions that did the inspection: Is no one concerned about the safety of the visitors, especially the children, given the fact that there are seriously dangerous props there?

Photo: Free Press/Violeta Kostovska

The company "Disneyland Requisites" from Chair set up the amusement park on private land, which, according to the publicly available data of the Cadastre Agency, is owned by the Company for Construction, Trade and Services "Investment International" DOOEL from Skopje. The fact that it's on private property means they don't need a permit to operate, according to Disneyland Props.

After Arsovska, Toshkovski also announced: Will the Luna Park at SC "Boris Trajkovski" installed without a permit be closed?

But in this case, it's not about setting up a stall to sell tomatoes, but about an amusement park with props, where someone has to guarantee the safety of the visitors. The company claimed to have safety certificates, but none of the inspections that carried out control so far have confirmed this.

It seems that this amusement park, as was the case in some of the previous years, will spend the summer to the joy of some citizens who see nothing wrong with taking their children to a party, when it has been closed in the city for years. the old one, and the new Luna Park is still in the pipeline.

The carousels will work smoothly because it is obvious, although incomprehensible, that the competence of several institutions was reduced to inspection and control, and then no one felt competent to complete the procedure to the end.

The carousels are spinning on private property in front of SC "Boris Trajkovski", the City and the Municipality of Karpos were not authorized for a permit

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