Lukashenko wants to introduce armed patrols in the cities of Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko / Photo EPA-EFE / MAXIM GUCHEK / POOL

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, called on law enforcement agencies to organize patrols armed with light weapons on the streets of Belarusian cities to ensure people's safety.

- People should feel safe at home, at work, on the street, at any time of the day, Lukashenko pointed out in the video of the meeting with the highest security agencies in the country, published on the state website "Pul Pervava".

Lukashenko stated that although the crime rate in Belarus is decreasing, the country is at risk of crimes of an "extremist nature".

Today, this is the most important aspect of maintaining law and order – suppressing the actions of bandits and preventing the loss of souls who still do not fully understand how foreign curators are targeting them. I warn the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB, the special services, everyone, the prosecutor's office – everyone: we have to take control of this. Our patrols must be on the streets... The patrols must be armed with small arms, at least guns, Lukashenko pointed out.

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