Lukarevska: In the next four years, we will strengthen the domestic economy with public investments of 3,5 billion euros

Sanja Lukarevska in Kočani/Photo: MIA

We will continue to work on strengthening and improving the competitiveness of domestic companies, as in the past period, which we supported from completely forgotten, without any financial support, with 100 million euros, stated in a statement to the media in Kočani, the holder of the list for deputies of SDSM in the Third Constituency, Sanja Lukarevska.

- In the next mandate, we will support domestic companies with 180 million euros, the support will be doubled. Together, in partnership with them, we will continue to strengthen the domestic economy with public investments of 3,5 billion euros. Part of these funds will be invested in a just energy transition and energy independence. We will increase domestic electricity production by 70 percent. With that, the state will achieve energy independence and independently meet 100 percent of its own electricity needs, mainly from gas and clean renewable sources. We have forever said no to harmful small hydro plants and all fossil technologies that pollute our air and soil. All this is a continuation of our previous work because it is important for stability and for our European future, Lukarevska pointed out.

He added that the pride of the Third Constituency is the wind park near the village of Bogoslovec near Sveti Nikole, for which 61 million euros have been invested.

- In the next 25 years, green energy will be provided for more than 20 thousand households. We want to create a partnership in building a European future, and we see citizens and companies as our partners and allies. We will stay together and solve the challenges that will be neither few nor easy, because the European agenda is demanding, it requires everyone's involvement, but it is the best and most efficient way, Lukarevska concluded.

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