Lukarevska: In the "European front" the door is open to everyone, including the progressive forces in VMRO-DPMNE

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"Constitutional amendments should not be subject to political devaluation or blackmail by any political party," said the SDSM vice-president. Sanja Lukarevska in the visit of "Alsat". Each political party has its own priorities and challenges within the framework of its political functioning and in its party activities, she says.

"We have a concept of moving the state forward, because despite the constitutional amendments, we also have reform processes in the judiciary, in public administration, decentralization... Let's first pass the constitutional amendments, and then everything that remains within the framework of what democracy means, transparency and the rule of law to implement it one by one," Lukarevska said.

She added that we are faced with a statesman's decision that we must take advantage of, and she also referred to the "European front".

"The European front will continue to increase, because we have no other option. Alternativa may have been dissatisfied when leaving the Government, but they never deviated from the path that they would not respect the European agenda. BESA was under the cloak of the European agenda when we were together in the 2020 parliamentary elections. "The European front is open to everyone, the doors are open to everyone, even VMRO-DPMNE and their progressive forces," Lukarevska said.

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