Lukarevska: Only when SDSM wins, the state and the citizens are also winners

The importance of these elections is not whether we will keep our positions but to preserve the state, its stable and predictable future. SDSM is a strong, big, powerful party that has gone through numerous reorganizations from which it emerged stronger. We must not forget what we and our country have gone through. We must not forget those painful years, years of eavesdropping, threats, silence, insults, said the holder of the third constituency Sanja Lukarevska, tonight in Kriva Palanka.

- We won together with the people, with the freedom-loving citizens, we fulfilled our biggest promise - life in freedom. Now we promise you a FUTURE, predictable, peaceful, European. Therefore, it is crucial that SDSM wins the elections. You all know very well that I am not exaggerating when I say that only when SDSM wins, the state and the citizens are also winners.

Lukarevska emphasized that in times of crisis, no citizen was forgotten.

- We took care of all citizens, that their jobs remain, that those who work in the private sector get help, that the payment of pensions, social assistance, and help for the most vulnerable flow smoothly. We have not forgotten the farmers or the herdsmen. For us, problems are a challenge. And here we are. We fight with problems, we don't hide them, we don't blame them on someone else. And that's why we will win. We will all win. I know that Kriva Palanka will make the best choice on April 24 and May 8 - Stevo Pendarovski and the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia. I promise you that we will celebrate the victory together. It is a victory for the citizens, a victory for European Macedonia. There is no giving up on the future, there is our common victory, said the holder of the third constituency, Sanja Lukarevska.

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