Luka Stankovski avoided the disaster in Gaziantep: I got two days off and returned to Skopje

Photo: Stankovskii, Turkey / Photo: EPA / luka.stankovskii/Instagram

The youth representative of Macedonia, Luka Stankovski plays for Gaziantep, a club that is from the city that was among the most affected by the strong earthquake in Turkey.

Fortunately, Stankovski was in Skopje during the earthquake, after receiving two days off from the club.

"The day before yesterday we played a match in Antalya and immediately after the match we got two days off, a large part of the team stayed in Antantalia and only a few players returned to Gaziantep. I returned to Skopje and luckily avoided the disaster."

Everyone in the club is fine, however the situation in the city is bad and for now it is not known when they will return to training.

"I am in contact with the people from the club and everyone is good, but the situation in the city is very bad. "Currently the airport is closed and I am waiting for information about what to do next, but it will be delayed," said Stankovski.

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