Luka Doncic gets the biggest contract in the history of basketball

The Slovenian basketball player of the Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic/photo: EPA-EFE/ERIK S. LESSER

The Slovenian basketball player Luka Doncic met the conditions for receiving a new "super max" contract. The Dallas Mavericks player he was in the ideal five of the NBA league, for the fifth time in his career, and in 2025 he is expected to sign a new five-year contract with the club.

According to him, Doncic will collect as much as 346.338.300 dollars, which will represent the biggest contract in the history of basketball.

He should receive the most in the last year of the contract (2030/31) and almost 79 million dollars.

In addition to Doncic, he will also receive a supermax contract Oklahoma star Shai Giljus-Alexander.

For the four years of the contract, he will collect about 295 million dollars.

Otherwise, in that last one (2030/31) he should earn 81.449.214 dollars, which would make him the first player in history to collect more than 80 million dollars in one season.

VIDEO: Doncic led Dallas to a "break" in Minneapolis and a triumph in the finals of the West

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