London is planning new gas plants to ensure its energy efficiency


The government in London has decided to support the construction of new gas-fired power stations – in order to secure the country's energy supply during its transition to zero emissions.

The UK will need uninterrupted gas production by 2030 as a back-up option to ensure energy security and reduce costs, the Department for Energy Security said in a statement, citing figures from the Committee on Climate Change. London already has a plan to increase the contribution of gas-fired power stations.

First, to supplement the legislation by requiring new gas plants to be built ready for zero net emissions and to be able to switch to low carbon alternatives in the future – carbon dioxide capture, hydrogen power generation, etc. Second, with the introduction of other, even more environmentally friendly technologies, gas-fired power plants will operate less frequently.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: "The latest statistics show that we are already halfway there - greenhouse gas emissions are 50% lower than in 1990. But we must achieve our 2035 targets in a sustainable way, so that people don't run out of energy on a cloudy, windless day. I will not take any risks regarding our energy security.

I will make difficult decisions, for whatever scenario we face, we will always be able to power Britain with energy from Britain," reported "".

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