A cluster of people who participated in the false bomb threats has been located

Bomb report in Josip Broz Tito high school / Photo: Sloboden Pechat - Metodij Zdravev

Through extensive investigations conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a cluster of persons who participated in the false bomb threats reported daily by schools and other institutions was located.

The Minister Oliver Spasovski announced this morning that the last criminal complaint related to these false reports was filed on March 22 of this year, against a minor, and that a group of people who participated in sending the false reports were penetrated.

By undertaking a series of activities within the institutions, we did not allow the security of the institutions to be violated even at a single moment. Through the extensive investigations we conducted, we located a cluster of people who participated in those false reports, they are already being called for conversations in police stations, their phones have been confiscated and we are continuing to secure all the evidence, said Spasovski.

In a guest appearance on the morning program of the national television, he pointed out that due to obsolescence, the handling protocols have also changed.

The protocols were changed due to their obsolescence and the inadequacy of the new occasions with today's, as opposed to the time when they were adopted. For example, electronic alerts were not covered by those protocols at all. As a country, we will continue to intensively strengthen our cyber security, a process in which all countries in the region and beyond are participating," Minister Spasovski pointed out.

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