Ljupco Palevski orbited around creators of movements for the protection of children

The movements in which Ljupco Palevski-Palco, now prime suspect for the murders of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska and 74-year-old Panche Žezhovski, orbited ideologically and politically, had, among other things, the mantra of protecting children. That mantra was not only declarative, but also organized and embodied in official associations and political parties, which had their own podcasts and live chats in which Palevski was a dear guest.

"Brother" in ideology, Palevski was a guest in the podcasts of the Rodina party, where one of the founders is Gordana Godzo. She, on the other hand, has founded the association "Od nas za nas" which does not talk about children, their protection from what they say is "gender indoctrination". This association is a member of a coalition, which on its Facebook page has only one post about Vanja, in which they say - politics should be put aside.

As the preliminary investigation into Vanja's murder progressed, so did the attempt of Palevski's political associates to distance themselves from him, but also from their past in which they shared condemnations of the West, conspiracy theories, the demonization of gender equality, the labeling of the LGBT community. , the promotion of Q Anon in Macedonia during a severe pandemic, all wrapped in patriotism and patriotism.

We are carefully following the outcome of the case with 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska, and her murder is a great shock and disbelief for each of us. Killing a minor child regardless of the reasons, can only be classified as the most monstrous act that the human mind can imagine. The Coalition for the Protection of Children expresses its deepest sympathies to the families, relatives and friends of Vanya, and we hope that the perpetrators will receive the punishment they deserve. We wish from the bottom of our hearts that this is just one stray case committed by inhumans that will never happen again to any child. Please let us all preserve humanity and composure and in the comments express only sympathy without politics and without additional opinions about the event and the participants in the murder, the Coalition wrote and limited who can comment under the post.

But is it possible to put politics aside, if it is known, as the Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski announced, that all the suspects for the murders of Vanja Gjorchevska and Pance Žezhovski are from the same political party where Palevski is the leader -,, Right" and if it is also taken into account warnings to security professor Frosina Remenski, that according to her information, they had lists for liquidations, racketeering and kidnappings and that in the past Palevski was subject to operational surveillance?

- The radical right or the radical left is a lobby of terrorism. The case with the murders of Vanja Gjorchevska and Panče Žežovski must be an occasion for more serious and comprehensive treatment of entities that spread radical speech contrary to the country's strategic interests towards the EU and NATO, she says.

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, on the other hand, connected these movements with foreign agency networks aimed at destabilizing the country's European path.

It was in Rodina's podcasts that Palevski had the space and one of the microphones to lean towards conspiracy theories to condemn neoliberals, promote Q Anon narratives, and in one of his last podcasts he claimed that the main confrontation with political dissidents it takes place in courtrooms, through court rulings where those who disagree with the government are punished.

In a recent show from the podcasts of the Rodina party, Palevski was a guest with Gordana Godzo, creator of the organization "From us to us" and known for presenting herself as a protector of children from education in which they will learn about gender sensitivity. For months, the Coalition for the Protection of Children, of which Gojo is a member, has been promoting a film screening, "What is a woman?", in which the biological gender at birth is presented as absolute, and the attempt to transit to another gender is presented as a disease and Western fabrication. The rhetoric with which the coalition approaches the case of Vanja is nowhere near as stormy and with protective hysteria for children as when it comes to the gender sensitivity from which the coalition flees like the devil from a cross.

On July 17 of this year, on his Facebook profile, which he uses for anti-gender activism, Gojo will write:

On July 4, the movie "The Sound of Freedom" based on a true story that talks about the trafficking and abuse of children will start showing in cinemas. We must love children more than we fear evil. God's children are not for sale. When the public wakes up to all this, those people won't be able to walk the streets.

But when it comes to the political like-minded Palevski, who, together with four other party members from the Desna party, is now facing serious charges of murder and abduction of a child, the rhetoric is extremely mild or marginal, the presumption of innocence is invoked and not attributed the event of the entire movement "Coalition for the Protection of Children".

Show at least a little humanity and don't defocus, send Vanya with dignity without grafting the murder of the coalition, believers and patriots, like those from your camp, writes under the only post where condolences are expressed for the life taken too soon.

Such restrained rhetoric cannot even remotely be compared with that which is the main theme of the coalition, and which is against the gender-sensitive society that is especially starting to be built among the new generations, in the school system. The European Commission, in its latest report on the progress of North Macedonia published recently, noted exactly that such movements are an obstacle in the country to not yet pass the Law on Gender Equality.

The law on gender equality has not yet been adopted. This is largely due to a growing anti-gender movement across the country. Anti-gender campaigns, sometimes supported by local political figures, religious and political leaders, are of serious concern, the Report says.

It is indisputable that precisely in Rodina Palevski's podcasts, she had an open microphone to express herself on various ultra-right-wing topics, to promote hard-line anti-Western attitudes, to insult religious figures, to spread lies about covid and vividly stigmatize dissenters. But the brutality of the criminal legal event in which a child and an adult were killed, although it slightly delayed the counterattack from Rodina, and for a moment it seemed to shut their mouths or cool down the heated nationalist views, soon turned into political pain.

Only on December 7, Rodina expressed its deepest condolences to the families of Vanja and Panche. But he sealed it with his stamp of accusing the institutions of the system of hunting witches, and somehow inserted the star from Vergina into his reaction.

Rodina Macedonia condemns the call for the deregistration of parties and movements that publicly spoke out against NATO and EU integration. We condemn the call for collective responsibility towards the members of the Desna party. It remains unclear whether responsibility will be demanded from all members and sympathizers of Desna in the capacity of political elimination of the competitor? By what right did members of the executive power and the media close to them insult all Macedonians in the world, but also their millennial bright symbol, the sixteen-legged sun? Calling them psychopaths, far-right nationalists and conspiracy theorists who use the Vergina star?

In contrast to April 10, 2020, when Rodina stood in explicit defense of Palevski when he was wanted with a warrant, it seems that this time, the gravity of the crime slightly closed his mouth for his personal support, and more emphasis was placed on the announcement of Minister Oliver Spasovski that the Desna party, where all the suspects of murder and aiding and abetting are from, should be deregistered because it works against the interests of the state. In 2020, Rodina defended Ljupco Palevski when he was in extradition detention in Serbia. Then in the announcement they stated that he is a great patriot and a man whose critical voice has been taken away.

Motherland Macedonia will always fight that no Macedonian should be held illegally and without trial in dungeons in the homeland, and even more so abroad. That is why Rodina Macedonia is raising its voice for the release from the seven-month detention without trial of Ljupco Palevski, a Macedonian citizen who is in extradition detention in Serbia, and giving him the opportunity to respond to any lawsuits from his freedom and from his homeland. It is not Macedonian or native for anyone not to raise their voice, regardless of whether it is a political competitor, that is the least important, the most important is a Macedonian, and even more a great patriot, imprisoned without trial abroad, neither the state and its judicial organs nor his party Voice (which bizarrely and contrary to its name, was left without a voice during this terrible torture) neither media nor experts react! That is why Rodina Macedonia supports the efforts of the activists from the Treta movement, whose member Ljupco Palevski, to acquaint the public with this case, and we will inform the members and the Macedonian people ourselves and support the efforts for his release, it was announced on the website of Rodina where they reacted to April 10, 2020.

At the time of that extradition, Palevski's lawyer was Vasko Stojkov, the man who recently transported Palevski from Skopje to Belgrade, and then told the media that he didn't know they were looking for him and Palevski told him he needed to see a doctor.

Gordana Godzo and Mladenco Trajkovski, who are the founders of the "From Us to Us" Association, are on the list of fifteen donors to Motherland Macedonia during the 2021 local elections.

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