Lithuania handed over L-39ZA combat aircraft to Ukraine

Lithuania announced the transfer of a new package of military aid to Ukraine. According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, the equipment has already arrived in Ukraine.

Disassembled light attack aircraft L-39ZA "Albatross" has been delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Lithuania, reports "euromaidanpress".

As "European Justice" reports, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense announced the transfer of a new package of military aid to Ukraine on Saturday, April 20.

"We handed over the L-39ZA Albatros light attack aircraft in disassembled form to the Ukrainian Armed Forces," the statement said.

As stated by the defense department, this attack aircraft was used in the Lithuanian army to train fighter control officers who ensure the combat readiness of pilots.

According to Defense Express, this is the first time since the Russian war against Ukraine that Lithuania has officially transferred aircraft to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The L-39ZA is designed for a combat load of 1.100 kg, has four suspension units that can be used to attach blocks for unguided missiles or bombs.

In addition, the L-39ZA is armed with a 23-mm twin-barreled "GSh-23L" aircraft cannon with an ammunition capacity of 150 rounds.

The format of possible use will depend on the decision deemed appropriate by the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauzeda expressed concern that Western countries were losing focus on Ukraine.

"I am concerned that we are losing focus on Ukraine." Last week I met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyi in Vilnius and he told me that Ukraine urgently needs anti-aircraft defense systems, artillery shells and missiles," said the Lithuanian president.

In addition, Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis stressed the need to provide Ukraine with the means to strengthen its air defense.

"The West's fear of escalating the situation by providing air defense equipment to Ukraine will allow Russia to use such hesitations to its advantage," the Lithuanian minister said.

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