Liposuction diet, a hit in Slovenia: Slovenian star Laura Beranic lost as much as five kilograms in ten days - Read how!

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After the great success in all the former Yugoslav republics, as well as in Russia, the liposuction diet is conquering Slovenia. Among the stars who have already proven the fast results of losing weight, is Laura Betanic.

Dream Men TV star Laura Beranich was unhappy with her appearance. After enlarging her lips, she decided to lose weight, preferably quickly, and she succeeded with the liposuction diet.

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The popular Slovenian influencer and TV star, Laura Beranic, has lost as much as five kilograms in the past ten days, ie she has reduced her fat reserves by as much as nine percent!

- My goal was to lose weight by my birthday, and I succeeded. It's a gift I gave myself to look better. But this is not an "instant" diet, although the results were very fast. From now on I will continue to take care of my health with this type of diet, explains Laura.

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The author of this diet, nutritionist Kenan Mandra, explains that this is a clinically proven method for weight loss, which in 14 days eliminates as much as 9,2 percent of fat reserves or 14 to 10 percent of the initial body weight. But there is a second stage, which takes care of weight stabilization. "The diet is based on the Mediterranean diet, fiber and amino acids, so it is natural and healthy," says Mandra.

What is a liposuction diet?

As the winter holidays approach, we were interested in what this diet looks like, because many people have a problem with excess weight and would like to lose weight quickly and efficiently, as many stars in the former Yugoslavia have done.

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"I was not hungry during the whole protocol, I did not experience a drop in energy and I was not nervous. The program is really easy and I would recommend it to everyone. "says Laura.

Kenan Mandra, the author of this diet, explained what a day with a liposuction diet looks like. "The process is divided into two phases, lasting 14 days. In the first phase we use natural weight loss supplements, amino acids and fiber, which help everything to go much faster and the body to get everything it needs. The main meal is dinner - we eat meat or fish in combination with lots of vegetables and olive oil. "This weight loss approach is very popular in the world because it brings fast results and is easy to use," explains Mandra.

Laura is now more than happy with her appearance, which motivated her to come up with a new surprise. She is already working on a new project, and will soon launch her own cosmetic line.

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If you have problems with being overweight, you can try the liposuction diet. Through international health projects, this weight loss program has become globally accessible to all and at a very affordable price.

In Macedonia, it can be ordered at your address after prior consultation in the "Lipo Diet" Center, at 22 "Dimitrie Cupovski" Street (opposite the former "McDonald's") or for a free consultation call 02 3151714,

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