A "nice" experience of the young intellectual Sara Stefkova: I won, I reached my goal, which changed my life!

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Sarah today weighs 49 kilograms, that is, 21 kilograms less than her body weight in 2017. She underwent two "Lipo" treatments with a six-month break between them, her self-confidence returned, and now she is stepping firmly on the path to professional realization.

Six years ago, in 2017, when all her loved ones were preparing for their prom nights, to look beautiful and satisfied with themselves, Sarah experienced, as she says, her greatest shame, fighting a battle with her body weight, feeling powerless to cope with excess weight.

- During the summer, I got acquainted with the treatment of liposuction nutrition and simply, I can say, that it changed my life - the beautiful Sarah begins her successful "Lipo" story.

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Was it hard to endure? What motivated you?

- So far, I have used the "Lipo" treatment twice. The first time I didn't feel any difficulties at all, and the second treatment I felt small crises for some types of food, but for both treatments I had a lot of support from those closest to me. As a person, I am quite persistent and when I set my mind to something, it must be so, and the motivation to get rid of excess weight was great.

How long were you on this type of diet, how many pounds did you manage to lose?

- As I emphasized, I have been on the "Lipo" treatment twice so far and during both treatments I managed to reduce 10% of my total body weight. Although there was a break of six months between treatments, during that period I did not deviate from following the "Lipo" diet. And after six years and new habits in life, I am 49 kilograms, or rather minus 21 kilograms from my body weight in 2017.

How much has this type of diet improved your health?

- I have asthma, and the extra weight caused me an additional problem, a feeling of greater fatigue and more attacks in a short period of time. I also had a serious knee injury that, if I hadn't lost weight, would have required surgery. Just by losing weight I felt a big improvement both with asthma and less attacks and feeling more energy, and in the case of the knee because the weight that was making it difficult to hold the bone is gone.

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What did a day with the "Lipo" treatment look like?

- I started the day with a glass of warm water with lemon, after an hour I drank the first "Lipo Alpha" sachet in combination with two "Lipo Beta" tablets. Every four hours I drank another sachet, so a total of three during the day. Then there was dinner, in my case it was a big plate of green salad with mushrooms or fish, because I'm not a fan of meat, so with Dr. Valentina Krsteska we found a suitable substitute for that.

To whom would you recommend the liposuction diet?

- I would recommend it to everyone, especially to young people like me, because life is ahead of us and we have to think sensibly that excess weight has great consequences for our health, which can cost us a lot.

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