Linda Evangelista spoke out about sexual abuse: She knew she wasn't allowed to touch my face

Photo: Photo Image Press / Zuma Press / Profimedia

The former Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista (58) sent a strong message of support to victims who report violence and sexual abuse. She also shared that she herself was a victim of abuse during her five-year marriage to her ex-husband Geraldo Marie, writes The Daily Mail.

The couple was married from 1987 to 1993. She was only 22 years old when she got married, and during that time Marie was at the head of the European "Elite Model Management".

"I realized that I might be in the wrong relationship. Easier said than done – leaving a toxic relationship. It's not just saying "I want a divorce, see you around"… that's not how it works. But he knew he was allowed to touch my face, which brought him money," said Evangelista.

In 2020, several women accused Marie of rape and sexual abuse, and Evangelista admitted she believed their claims, praising their "courage and strength". She revealed that they also gave her the courage to speak out.

"I would like justice to be served and such people to think twice and be afraid, and women to know that they are not alone," she added.

In an interview with "The Guardian" she said that during her relationship with Gerald, she knew nothing about the sexual allegations that broke her heart, so she could not help those women in any way.

By the way, Mari was accused of raping at least 13 models, some of whom were minors, aged 14. In February, French prosecutors closed the investigation. The alleged crimes took too long to follow under French law, which sets time limits for crimes to be tried in court.

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