A leader of a Russian party proposed to rename Kaliningrad to Vladibaltisk

Kaliningrad photo EPA-EFE / Adam Warøawa POLAND OUT

The leader of the Russian political party Just Russia – For the Truth, Sergei Mironov proposed that Kaliningrad be renamed Vladibaltisk.

- Maybe the time has come to think about renaming Kaliningrad in accordance with modern reality and domestic tradition. For example, Vladibaltisk and, accordingly, Baltic territory, Mironov pointed out, Russian media reported.

Vladibaltisk is a combination of the name of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, with that of the city that should have existed after 1946.

According to Mironov, strategically, the region is very important for Russia.

- From this name it immediately becomes clear that it is an outpost on the westernmost border of our homeland, which stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic. But, of course, that should be decided by the residents of the region, he added.

Kaliningrad is the headquarters of the Russian Baltic Fleet and is generally a highly militarized zone where, along with tens of thousands of soldiers and sailors from the Baltic Fleet, Iskander ballistic missiles, which can carry nuclear warheads, are located.

Kaliningrad fell under Russian rule after the victory over Nazi Germany at the end of World War II. Previously, the historic German town was called Königsberg and had a majority German population.

In 1946, the city was supposed to be renamed Baltic, but in the end it was named Kaliningrad in honor of the prominent Bolshevik and Soviet figure, Mikhail Kaliningrad.

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