The left accused Mickoski of not sitting on the chair yet, he followed the example of his predecessors

Hristijan Mickoski/ Photo "Sloboden Pechat", Dragan Mitreski

The Left political party accused the mandate holder Hristijan Mickoski of not yet sitting in the chair, following the example of his predecessors - henchmen of foreign embassies, Mickoski started selling off natural resources.

"At the Energy Forum (MFE), the mandate holder for the new Government pompously announced the possibility for foreign companies to use the energy capacities of the Republic, from which investors will once again profit instead of citizens. At the Forum organized by the Delegation of the European Union in Skopje and the Open Society Foundation - Western Balkans (Soros) in Skopje, under the narrative of "investments in energy", "green clean energy", or "environmental protection", the mandate for the new Government , instead of state investments, announced investments in the energy sector of companies coming from EU and NATO countries," Apasiev's party accuses.

According to the opposition party, the announced foreign investments did not provide almost any new jobs, would not affect the increase of the standard of the common man, nor would they affect the reduction of energy prices.
"This kind of policy enables a foreign monopoly of renewable energy resources that will be managed by private companies coming from this group of countries, which further increases Macedonia's energy dependence, putting the interests of the citizens in a subordinate position again. Energy as a factor is necessary for the development of the economy and industry! In order for the state to be able to help and direct their development, it must fully dispose of them. That is why the Left maintains the position that the state is the only factor that can and should dispose of natural (common) resources and that, exceptionally, for the people's interest," the statement added.

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