The summer terraces again usurped the Pena quay section and the town square

summer terraces - Tetovo

At the beginning of this month, the Municipality of Tetovo published public announcements for the installation of terraces in public spaces, intended for catering facilities.

One advertisement refers to seasonal, i.e. summer terraces, and the other advertisement for the lease of a public space where terraces can be placed throughout the year.

The Municipality of Tetovo informed that the procedures for granting permits for the installation of terraces for several cafes and restaurants are nearing completion.

But the picture on the ground is completely different. Despite the fact that the procedures have not been completed, some of the catering facilities along the Pena River and in the town square have already set up tables, chairs and other props.

Photo: Free Press

Citizens say that it is a case of usurpation of public spaces, of which there are not enough in the city anyway.

"Well, as every year, public space is usurped, these are wildly placed terraces, but the municipality should not give permits for such summer terraces at all, because there is not enough space in the city, that space should be for the citizens, not for someone to be rich. If we had a space, it's fine, let it be rented out, or let it be rented out as a public space, but the whole square doesn't have to be with tables and chairs and there should be battery-powered strollers for children in the square, that's not right," says a tattoo resident. .

In December of last year, the Tetovo inspectorate boasted that they had intervened to remove several summer terraces in the center of the city, whose lease term had passed, and they had not been removed at all in the past. Restaurants and cafes will have the right to summer terraces if they meet the conditions, but also if they pay regularly and do not usurp places, which are outside the given terrace permit, the inspectorate pointed out about 4 months ago.

But now the public lands have been usurped again, and no one is in charge. The summer terraces were removed only when they are not used in the winter period, when it warms up, then actions to remove them are rare.

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