The 250 gram loaf of "Zito Lux" reached 28 denars!

Photo Archive: Free Press

New prices for bread, even higher, have been in stores since yesterday. One small bread of 250 grams at "Zhito Lux" whose price was 25 denars, is now 28 denars. Until recently, the large loaf of 450 grams was sold by "Zhito Lux" at this price - 28 denars.

Bread and baked goods producers say that the costs, especially for electricity or gas, are huge. Considering the high energy prices announced for this winter, they say that bread can be even more expensive. On the other hand, there is still uncertainty about the future stock market prices of wheat from the new harvest.

There is no longer a "normal" size of wheat bread under 45 denars in stores. Buyers nervously choose bread that will match their price.

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