Leonid is overjoyed to have the support of the public in the battle for his health

Leonid is overjoyed to have the support of the public in the battle for his health, his father Branko Indov told "Sloboden Pechat".

The family of young Leonid Indov, who last summer had a serious accident while vacationing in Greece, in which he injured the third, fourth and fifth vertebrae and breathes on a respirator and cannot move his limbs, requires the authorities urgently to change the procedures and allow Leonid and other patients in a similar condition to receive treatment, rehabilitation and health care.

Young Leonid was airlifted to Austria, where he is currently undergoing treatment and rehabilitation to enable him to breathe, swallow and walk on his own. Several factors make it difficult for him, including the fact that in Macedonian hospitals he got 30 intrahospital infections and decubitus, a wound that cannot be repaired even with plastic surgery. He is currently in a rehabilitation center in Austria, where they are working with him in several ways to improve his health.

In the meantime, the Health Fund refused to cover Leonid's treatment in Austria, with the excuse that there is no basis in their regulations to cover rehabilitation. But according to the family, this is not rehabilitation, but a life-threatening condition that requires treatment and for which there are no conditions in Macedonia. For the first three months, the treatment in Austria is 140 euros, and the same amount is needed for the second three months, but FZOM refused to cover this cost on the grounds that he could have been treated in Macedonia as well and that they do not cover rehabilitation.

"The request of the insured person Branko Indov for his child Leonid Indov to be referred for treatment abroad is rejected as unfounded. According to the rules for specialized medical rehabilitation as extended hospital treatment, medical rehabilitation as extended hospital treatment was provided by FZOM in the health facilities in the Republic of North Macedonia with which it concluded an agreement. Acting on the request, i.e. the proposal for referral for treatment abroad, the council of the Clinic for TOARILUC FZOM obtained a finding and opinion from the first-level medical commission on the need for referral for treatment abroad. The first-level medical committee for referral for treatment abroad at the FZOM reviewed the request and rejected it as unfounded because there is no legal basis according to the legal and by-law provisions for referral for treatment abroad for the performance of the medical rehabilitation health service as extended hospital treatment because the FZOM for the insured persons, he provided it in the health facilities in North Macedonia with which he concluded a contract", the Fund writes in the refusal decision.

But Branko Indov, Leonid's father, says that this regulation of the Fund must be changed, because it is years old and does not correspond to the real needs of patients, including his son. According to him, a broken arm and life-threatening quadriplegia cannot be treated as the same injury.

We ask the government and all competent institutions to urgently review and amend the legislation to ensure adequate financial support for treatment abroad of Leonid and other cases of this category. To enable the Fund to access and share the costs of treatment abroad, when due to long bureaucratic procedures and the severity of the situation, the parents decided that the child should start treatment abroad and before the approval of the treatment if it is confirmed that it was necessary, so as not to other children also experience Tamara's tragic fate. To introduce clear, transparent and fast procedures for medical cases that require urgent treatment outside the country and not to put them in the same group of injuries as life-threatening quadriplegia with a broken arm, Branko Indov, Leonid's father, told "Sloboden Pechat".


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