Lena Borislavova under investigation by the Sofia prosecutor's office

Lena Borislavova / Photo: MIA

Lena Borislavova, the chief of staff of the resigned Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, is under investigation, according to the Bulgarian media.

Namely, one month ago, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office started a pre-investigation procedure against Borislavova for concluding an unprofitable deal. The reason for the investigation was an agreement of the Bulgarian Development Bank for legal services with the office where Borislavova worked before entering politics.

The agreement was concluded by the management of BBR on July 1, 2021, and the signatories were Vladimir Georgiev and Tsanko Arabadzhiev. The contract with the law office "Yingov, Guginski, Kyuchukov and Velichkov" is for a monthly fee of BGN 13.690 excluding VAT.

According to this contract, Lena Borislavova is named as the contact person, but the contract was concluded with the office, not with her. At that time, Borislavova did not have a position in the executive power.

BBR's contract with the law firm was terminated three months later, when Lena Borisovlavova decided to enter politics with "We continue with changes".

"The prosecutor's office is "self-reported", but not about the arrears of loans or the damage to the state resource, but because of the agreement concluded with the office, which helped the new leadership in the first days of the battle. Yellow Seal GERB and DPS have been zealously participating in the battle since day one. In May 2021, I thought that the biggest lie about me could be that I personally receive a salary from BBR of 14.000 BGN per month. 12 months later, I realize that I simply lacked imagination," commented Borislavova on her Facebook profile at the end of June.

Today, Borislavova commented on the case as an intimidation move by the chief public prosecutor Ivan Geshev, whom she said was directly involved in this investigation, who in turn was the target of Petkov's government, which tried to replace him due to a series of abuses of office.

- I am absolutely calm, the prosecutor's office can investigate as much as it wants. However, for me, from the data I have, because I only learn from the media, this borders more on some kind of political action. "I am personally ready to cooperate if there really is a pre-investigation procedure against me as a specific perpetrator," she commented.

Borislavova stated that she did not sign any contract on behalf of the bank or on behalf of the law firm in connection with this contract.

- Last year there was extremely fierce resistance from the old management of the bank who concluded all those unfavorable credit agreements, they refused to leave the bank, they unfoundedly contested the entrances. In the end, the cases were won by the new management, the head of the prime minister's office pointed out.

The bank (BBR) is currently doing great, making a profit and has 81 contracts for small and medium enterprises, but obviously someone doesn't like that, she added.

The prosecutor's office has not yet officially declared about the initiation of this pre-criminal procedure.

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