Medical Chamber: Doctors are exhausted by the increased intensity of work, HIF to withdraw the fines and find a solution

Medical workers / Photo: EPA-EFE / GEORGI LICOVSKI

Observance of the positive legal regulations in the field of health is a pillar of the functioning of the health system in the country that creates optimal working conditions for health professionals and guarantees quality health care for patients. However, if due to some disproportions in the system, those solutions in practice cause the opposite effect, then health policy makers in agreement with health care providers should effectively and efficiently create new applicable solutions, he said. The Medical Chamber.

Based on this, the Medical Chamber reacts to the collection of fines imposed on family doctors by the Health Insurance Fund, which, as stated in the statement, occurs at a time when the entire health system, and especially primary care doctors are exhausted. from the fight against the pandemic caused by Covid-19. The Medical Chamber notes that the reaction refers to the penalties that were imposed for administrative omissions in the work and are not related to omissions in treatment.

GPs are the patient's first contact with the health system and they need to be motivated and have mechanisms to solve patients's health problems quickly and efficiently at the primary level, and not to refer patients unnecessarily to other levels of the health system, which are imposed due to some applicable regulations such as the prescription regimen. Namely, the family doctors in the places where there are no specialists in certain specialties, prescribed the drugs for chronic therapy that should have been prescribed on the basis of a previous recommendation, ie medical report from a certain specialist, based on medical reports from specialists who according to the prescribing regime they were not allowed to prescribe drugs. This was done in order to meet the needs of patients. The doctor's priority is to ensure continuity in the treatment of patients, and health regulations should be in function of this priority, emphasize the Medical Chamber.

Doctors, as they point out, are exhausted by the increased intensity of work, but the survival of their surgeries from a financial point of view is affected by other negative effects of the crisis, such as the procurement of medical protective equipment which is at their expense throughout the pandemic. , as well as the significantly higher electricity bills they receive due to the energy crisis.

Recognizing the severity of the problem faced by family doctors, the Medical Chamber has reacted several times to the Health Insurance Fund with a request to withdraw the fines and their revision, as well as changes in the penal regulations of the HIF. Now, more than ever, family doctors are not able to bear these costs, added the Chamber of Physicians and we say that it is in the interest of patients, health professionals and the health system for the Fund to act seriously on these reactions and provide a solution that is acceptable to all parties, as unilateral decision-making without communication to the parties will only deepen the problems that exist.

Source: MIA

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