Doctors give the answer: What does it mean if you often have déj. Vu, a feeling that something has already happened

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Which means if you have frequent "deja vu" - this condition can also indicate your health, reveals the famous Russian doctor.

Surely at least once in your life you have had a "déj. Vu" - a strong impression that you have seen, heard or experienced something before even though it happens in your life for the first time. The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud he thought that "déj в vu" was paramanesis, that is, that the new impression reminded us of something from before, something we had forgotten, suppressed or dreamed about.

There are various interpretations of déj в vu when it comes to symbolism, but doctors point out that frequent recurrence of this condition can indicate negative processes in the body that adversely affect health.

The neurologist Vladimir Mihajlov, a doctor of medical sciences, head of the Institute of Neuropsychiatry and the Russian National Research Center for Psychiatry and Neurology, explained that frequent recurrence of the déj в vu effect can be dangerous to health.

The doctor pointed out that "déj в vu" is a special state of mind in which a person experiences new events as if they had already happened in the past and can occur as a result of prolonged stress, sleep disorders, fever or overwork. He also pointed out that if "déj в vu" happens to you rarely and irregularly, it does not affect your health and there is no cause for concern.

As Dr. Mihajlov states, it is important to pay attention and take seriously when "déj в vu" appears to you once a week or more often. Then it is necessary to seek help from a neurologist and consult an expert. When déj. Vu occurs to you extremely often, it can be a symptom of a brain disease or a temporal form of epilepsy. He also mentioned that the frequent "déj в vu" can indicate a mental health disorder, so in such a situation it is important to seek medical help.

As the doctor explains, such sudden changes should not be attributed to chance, but it is important to seek help from a professional who will clearly find out if "déj в vu" in you is a consequence of stress or it is necessary to pay attention to the physical health.

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