Leyla Ramkovska about her love with Robert Bilbilov: I sent him a bouquet of flowers for his birthday and we have been inseparable ever since

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Lejla Ramkovska, a long-time yoga instructor, has been in love with musician Robert Bilbilov for a long time. Their love affair started after a long friendship and it is no secret that they are happy. In the interview for "Sloboden Pechat" with Leyla, we talked about love, yoga, motherhood, music...

You have been in a love relationship with Robert Bilbilov for a long time. First of all I will ask you if you are happy?

- Happiness is when two people love each other, invest and are devoted to each other. And yes, I am happy.

How did your love with Robert start, how long have you been together?

- When something has to happen, it happens at the right timing, but in reality, I took the first step and for his birthday I sent him a bouquet of flowers with a small dedication and we have been inseparable ever since.

Are you burdened with the curiosity of the environment and how it affects your relationship, given that you both have one marriage behind you?

- Although we are public figures, we are still ordinary mortals like everyone else, and we want to set an example and encourage people to believe in love and a healthy relationship. I am very glad that we are receiving support and very positive comments from people around us and from the public.

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He sang backing vocals with Robert. How did he manage to convince you and is there a chance to see you more often as part of this work?

- He convinced me very easily. I like to sing, it comes to me as a meditation. Robert encouraged me, motivated me and got the best out of my voice, in fact, he knows how to do it best.

You have a son and a daughter. Are you a strict mother and do you manage to put everything in order at home?

- Sometimes I am strict, especially during the critical years of puberty (my son is 15 years old, my daughter is 11), so authority must be shown and rules must be respected in order to have order and healthy habits. The children also help me in dealing with my daily responsibilities and thus gain responsibility. They have respect for my work, because they know how important it is for us to function as a family. But above all, I am their best friend, to whom they can tell anything.

You have been practicing yoga for a long time, how did this story begin and how did you become an instructor?

- I started doing yoga because of my own health problems and on the recommendation of a doctor. Then I completed yoga teacher training with my teacher Neda Kotsare, to whom I will be eternally grateful… I have been an instructor all these years and I will always be driven by the same energy that I receive from my trainees. I am very grateful for the loyalty and trust. And now due to an increasing number of trainees, I hold classes every day in my studio "Club8", but I also have available online programs for beginners, a program for a dynamic lifestyle, and now I am preparing the most requested program, and it is in progress 30- the daily flat stomach challenge.

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How can yoga improve our health and how does exercise affect the body?

– By practicing yoga, we have a better understanding of ourselves, build strength that is supported by flexibility, physically and mentally. We are kinder to ourselves, but also to the environment... I have witnessed all these years, not only my personal transformation, but also thousands of people who tell me that their lives have changed. We are making a change in society.

Apart from yoga, what else is interesting and characteristic about you that the public doesn't know?

– I like nature, good music, cycling, good food. I love dogs too much, petting and playing with them is therapeutic for me.

How much time do you spend in the kitchen, what kind of food do you usually cook?

– I like to cook, but I rarely have time for it. In general, I like raw food, lots of vegetables and fruits that don't need to be cooked or are very easy to prepare.

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How do you maintain your beauty, do you have any special rituals?

- Primarily, I do all those basic and simple steps that all women should adhere to. I pay attention, above all, when I go to bed. Sleep is key to our health. I take supplements like collagen, ashwagandha, but I also drink a lot of water. Yoga itself keeps me going. My care consists of very simple steps such as facial cleansing, masks and exfoliation once a week and, of course, the snail slime serum.

You are always well dressed, what is your style of dressing and are you a fan of trends?

– Thank you, I don't pay too much attention, but still, I will admit that I may have some aesthetics for those things as well. I'm going to blame double Venus, which houses my two astrological signs, Libra with a Taurus sub. I don't follow trends and I don't have time for it, my style is simple and I wear only what is functional and simple, only what I feel comfortable in.

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