The legendary "Renault 4" got a flying version

Renault 4 flying version
Renault 4 flying version / Photo Twitter

Few car models are as recognizable as the famous Renault 4.

The car that started to be made 60 years ago got its flying version for this jubilee. Many called it the car of the future when it first appeared on the road in 1961, writes CGNT.

This flying version has been slightly modified. There are no wheels and there are propellers, like drones.

It is made of carbon fiber, by hand, to be as light as possible and to be able to fly.

It is powered by two large lithium batteries. Its cruising speed was about 90 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 700 meters above the ground.

We worked together with the company "Renault" this year to celebrate the birthday of this model. "Renault 4" was a truly legendary model, loved all over the world, said the company "Arsenal", which tested the flying version of the "four" in the south of France.

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