The legendary Czech actress Iva Janjurova is the winner of the lifetime achievement award "Actor of Europe 2024" in Prespa

Iva Janjurova is the laureate of the Lifetime Achievement Award "Actor of Europe"

The international theater festival "Actor of Europe" in Prespa, which was founded in 2003, when the European Parliament declared Prepa Lake a Cross-Border European Park, between Macedonia, Greece and Albania, will have its 22nd edition this year, with beginning on July 6, 2024, in front of the "Saraj" in Resen. The festival will begin with a retrospective of the legendary names of the European theater, previous winners of the lifetime achievement award - "Actor of Europe".

The first legendary name of European theater to receive this award is Ljuba Tadic from Belgrade, followed by Ion Karamitru (Romania), Milena Zupancic (Slovenia), Anna Patreson (Sweden), Marcel Bozone (France), Rade Šerbedžija (Croatia). , Bruce Meyers (UK) etc.

This year, the award for lifetime achievement "Actor of Europe" went to the famous Czech actress Iva Janjurova, for whom an artistic portrait will be shown with all her theater and film creations.

The Mayor of Resen, Jovan Tozievski, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Jaroslav Ludva, the President of the Jury, Gotse Ristovski, will address the opening ceremony, and the President of the festival, Jordan Plevnes, will deliver the speech for the laureate.

At the same ceremony, the "Keys to Prespa" award will be given to ambassador Risto Nikovski, the doyen of Macedonian diplomacy, and the poet Bosko Pelisterski-Rajchovski from Macedonia, who three decades ago in the USA founded the radio "Oro Makedonsko", which is heard by all meridians.

The traditional Great Charter "The Balkans - The Heart of Europe" will be presented this year by Greek human rights activist Pavlos Vaskopoulos Filipov, Jordan Gjorchev, President of the International Slavic University, as well as Suleiman Rushiti, director, former Minister of Education and director of the Theater in Gostivar. .

This year's festival day will also be marked with a special tribute to the long-time president of the festival's international jury, the legendary Macedonian actor Meto Jovanovski.

In the official competition of the festival this year, it is worth highlighting the plays: "Shakespeare's Sonnets" an author's project by Biljana Djurović (a project of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts from Belgrade), "All the most beautiful things" by Duncan McMillan, Macedonia (OHO Production) performed by Igor Angelov and directed by Dejan Projkovski, "Svetozar Treti" from BiH, performed by Ivan Perkovic, directed by Mihailo Kostadinov, as well as the original project "Arka" by Mentor Zumberaj from Kosovo.

The final evening of the festival, July 11, in addition to the awards ceremony, will mark the performance "Women's Conversations" performed by Olja Lopusanski from Amsterdam, Holland.

- The fact that this international festival, which was written about by the leading media in Europe and the world, this year was left without any support from the Ministry of Culture, which allocated funds to a large number of phantom and amateur projects - emphasize the organizers of the festival.

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