Lefkov: The government is trying to increase the majority and this shows that its support is not stable

Mile Lefkov as a guest on Kanal 5 / photo: Kanal 5 / print screen

"We do not intend to interfere in intra-party relations, but it is a bit paradoxical that the largest opposition party with which we worked together in the Parliament, and we see where the government has led us with borrowing, the highest inflation, there is also corruption." And now how will you find yourself in such a Government. Or the question is whether they enter the Government to save the European integration process or to save the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski", said Mile Lefkov, MP from VMRO-DPMNE and member of the Executive Committee of the party as a guest on the show "Only the truth" on "Channel 5". ", commenting on the information about the entry of the Alliance for Albanians into power.

He added that in such a situation, AA should consider the step of possibly joining the Government. According to him, all these questions about increasing the ruling majority only speak of how unstable the support of the Government is.

"Kovachevski did not appear in the elections and now he needs to prove his legitimacy and that is why he is trying to form new coalitions," Lefkov pointed out. The government promises something that cannot be realized. "Osmani and Kovacevski agreed to change the Constitution, but they cannot implement it. By including the Bulgarians in the Constitution, who say that we exist since 1944, deny the Macedonian language, we have a complete paradox of how you will include them in the Constitution. It is a bit problematic that it is said that by changing the Constitution, the negotiations automatically begin, hence we should not put ourselves in a situation where all the sacrifices we make are only for the beginning of the negotiations, and then they block us for each chapter," said Lefkov.

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