Lefkov with new knowledge about "Broilo": The company founded by Kovachevski is running out of money from the contract with EVN

Mile Lefkov, MP from VMRO-DPMNE/Photo: VMRO-DPMNE

The company of Kovacevski's godfather concluded a contract with EVN of over 2 million euros, at a time when Kovacevski was the deputy minister of finance, claims MP from VMRO-DPMNE Miche Lefkov, who presented new insights into the "Broilo" affair and the "solar cartel", as and for what they call "the trade in influence of Dimitar Kovacevski".

- In just one move, Prime Minister Kovacevski's godfather got a job worth 2 million euros. Solar profiteer Kovacevski earns sums of money while the people are impoverished. Namely, the company of Kovacevski's godfather concludes a contract with EVN, where the state has a stake, at a time when the defector Kovacevski is the deputy minister of finance. The contract between KMG EOL Kvazar of Kovachevski's godfather and EVN was concluded on 03.02.2021, and it has a total value of 123 million denars, excluding VAT, i.e. over 2 million euros. The contract of the company of Kovacevski's godfather with EVN has a duration of two years, and it is still in force, that is, EVN can still use the services of KMG EOL Kvazar, of Kovacevski's godfather, while Kovacevski himself is the prime minister of the country . The very fact that Kovacevski is a deputy minister while his godfather's company concludes a contract with an enterprise where the state has an interest raises doubts about the method of selection. Additional doubt is raised by the fact that the contract can be executed and services from it can be used while Kovacevski is prime minister, said Lefkov.

He claims that the company of Kovacevski's godfather is not a manufacturer of the panels, but only installs them, and the manufacturer of photovoltaic panels in the solar cartel of companies is the company founded by Kovacevski, Pixel Group.

- In this way, the company founded by Kovacevski is the company where the money from this purchase of over 2 million euros will end up. With this, the company founded by Kovacevski is the one that has a direct profit from the contract between KMG EOL Kvazar and EVN. The deserter Kovachevski should wait for us and resign immediately. Kovachevski is caught in the center of a solar cartel, as 26 million euros were diverted through the Broilo affair, said Mile Lefkov, MP and member of the IC of VMRO-DPMNE.

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