LDP: Urgent reduction of non-productive expenses of the budgeters

The fast train to the European Union is our priority, but it is still important on what programmatic principles the government coalition will be based, which should move us on the path of the European agenda. As Macedonian citizens, we have no days to waste, we insist on efficiency and quality. This is one of the conclusions adopted today by the Central Board of the Liberal-Democratic Party.

"For the LDP, it will always be important what ideals the coalition we belong to will be based on and what program will be advocated. Our decision to form a coalition will depend on that, because our priority is the development of the country and the improvement of every person's everyday life. People are our biggest resource, we have to keep them and offer them a prosperous future", said the president of LDP, Monika Zajkova.

The party informed this afternoon that they will insist on their initiative to cut unproductive budget expenses.

"The scattering of citizens' money at the central and local level, which Macedonia can no longer endure, should stop. There must be an immediate reduction of the fees of commission members in management and supervisory boards, as well as agencies that are four times higher than the average salary, that is, the introduction of a limit on the amount of these fees to the minimum wage in the country. We will insist on the establishment of a working group in which, in addition to MPs, experts from the Government would be included, all with the aim of making a decision that will protect the central and municipal budgets from being wasted and reduce the funding of the non-productive administration. The party will offer solutions and personnel to solve this big problem," the announcement states.

After the last Assembly of the LDP on November 20, at today's session of the Central Committee, the other organs of the party were completed. Members of the Executive Board, vice-presidents, international secretary, the Council as an objective body composed of party members, but also prominent individuals in society, were elected.

"A proposed date for holding a thematic congress where the party will promote its party program, i.e. the liberal initiatives for the next four years, from which the citizens should receive the greatest benefit and relief, was also adopted. LDP, both domestically and internationally, is already recognized as a serious political factor, without which no government could be formed and which, regardless of whether it is in power or in opposition, is a partner with the citizens and a constructive corrective to the government. This is evidenced by the initiatives that have already been accepted by the Government, subsidized student meals, Sunday - a non-working day, preservation of the flat tax, introduction of a weekend without VAT and so on," the party's announcement reads.

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