Lazarevska: SDSM protects and promotes the Macedonian language

Jaklina Lazarevska, deputy of SDSM

Today we pay respect and celebrate the work of Saint Kliment, the creator of the first university in the Balkans with a huge contribution to Macedonian literacy, language, identity. It is on this day that we can proudly say that SDSM has ensured the recognition of the Macedonian language and Macedonian identity, protects and promotes it, Jaklina Lazarevska, MP of SDSM, said at a press conference today, the party announced.

- Today, the Macedonian language is recognized in the United Nations, and by signing the Agreement with Frontex, it is also part of the European Union. All European legislation is translated into the Macedonian language. We have also prepared a new Law on the use of the Macedonian language. This law expands the areas in which the Macedonian standard language and its Cyrillic script are compulsorily used. The scope of mandatory proofreading of published texts is expanding: the general and individual acts of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities and local self-government units, as well as public institutions and institutions in the fields of culture, education and science. According to the law, the establishment of an Inspectorate for the use of the Macedonian standard language, a body within the Ministry of Culture with the capacity of a legal entity, is foreseen - said Lazarevska.

The concern for the Macedonian language does not end here, she added.

- After 24 years, we have provided the opportunity for 16 jobs, of which 13 are scientists, masters and doctors of science at the Institute for the Macedonian Language. With budget funds, we supported the digitization of all card files in the Macedonian Language Institute, for the permanent protection of about 5 million valuable records of Macedonian texts, some of them even from the 14th century - said the MP.

She also announced that the project for the reconstruction and revitalization of the old school "Dimitar Vlahov" in the village of Ljubojno, i.e. its adaptation into a Center for the promotion of the Macedonian language, is underway.

- We also supported the project for the digitized "Interpretive Dictionary of the Macedonian Language". The Macedonian orthography has also been digitized. And the Day of the Macedonian Language was introduced, in honor of May 5, 1945, when the then Government made the modern Macedonian script official. With all this, we show a firm determination to ensure effective protection, nurturing, promotion and affirmation of the Macedonian standard language! Today, the Macedonian language is a scientific, literary and political reality in Europe and the world! - said the deputy of SDSM.

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