Lavrov: Even if he starts negotiations with Ukraine, Russia will not take breaks in the fighting

Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia / Photo: EPA

Russia will not stop combat operations in case of continuation of negotiations with Ukraine, the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergey Lavrov, said today in an interview with three Russian media.

Lavrov said that Russia is sincerely ready for negotiations, but that it cannot negotiate with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, because, as he stated, they will lead nowhere.

"Although we said that we are ready for negotiations, we will not make any breaks in the fighting. Unlike those negotiations that took place in Istanbul, this time the fighting must continue. Also, the reality on the ground today is completely different, drastically different from then, that should be taken into account," the minister pointed out.

According to him, it is not only about the situation on the ground, but also about the changes in the Russian Constitution, because there are now new regions in the composition of the Russian Federation.

- We are fully convinced that it is necessary to continue the special military operation, Lavrov said.

He was adamant that Russia did not trust the Ukrainian leadership.

The head of Russian diplomacy stated that Russia has information that there are French instructors on the territory of Ukraine together with representatives of other special services of European countries.

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