LIVE VIDEO | La Palma: Eerie sounds from the newly opened volcanic crater

La Palma / Photo: EPA-EFE / Miguel Calero

The airport on the Spanish island of La Palma was closed today due to a cloud of ash erupting from a volcano that has been "active" for a week, and scientists say another volcanic crater has opened, exposing the islanders to possible new dangers.

The intensity of the eruption, which began on September 19, has increased in recent days, leading to the evacuation of three more villages on the island.

Nearly 7.000 people were forced to flee their homes.

La Palma Aena Airport Operator said the airport was closed due to ash.

Other airports in the Canary Islands are still operational, although some airlines have suspended flights, Aena said.

The Canary Islands Institute of Volcanology announced that another volcanic crater had opened early this morning.

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