VIDEO | Kuzeska: SDSM will elect a new leader in intra-party elections, Zaev remains an active member in politics

SDSM spokeswoman Bogdanka Kuzeska / Photo: MIA

 With the offered resignation of Zaev, the process of new elections for president of the party will begin, informed tonight the spokesperson of SDSM, Bogdanka Kuzeska after the session of the Central Committee of SDSM.

- The elections will be held on December 12. The application procedure starts tomorrow and will last for seven days. Everyone can apply, who meet the criteria of the party statute. All members of SDSM, who meet the criteria, according to the statute of the party, will be able to vote in the intra-party elections. All members who actively register through the online tool will have the opportunity to vote. After the election of the president, follows the election of a new leadership, said Kuzeska.

According to Kuzeska, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev informed that the parliamentary majority is stable, has 61 MPs and expects opportunities to increase.

He remains an active member of politics. There is room to join the Alternative party and negotiations will continue, she said.

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